claire (last_star) wrote in kungfuxkrew,

i know this is off subject..but come on! a free ipod haha

Ok guys, here's the deal: I have this offer for free iPods online, but to make it work everyone needs to help each other out. I know this sounds like a complete scam, I thought so too when I first read it, but I have researched and there have been multiple testmonials claiming it to be true.

If you want a free iPod, you need to first click here. Sign up and register. Then choose your offer. (I suggest the ebay one, since it costs you nothing at all.) Get yourself a free email account at Register for ebay and use this second email account to sign up for the second half of your registration, so you don't need to use a card of any kind. Then bid $1 on any item (computers, cameras, cars, basically anything expensive). Worst comes to worst, you've won an item for one dollar. :-) Otherwise, you pay nothing at all.

Then, go back to the site and get your referral link. From there on, you need to get 5 people to click your link and sign up for an offer also. After you've completed your offer and gotten your 5 referrals, they ship out your iPod. It's as simple as that. There's nothing to lose, only $300 to gain.

(Note: the process can take up to three weeks, according to their site, so patience is required.)

click that to start. its my referal thing
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