Garrett Sean Dart (xray_vision) wrote in kungfuxkrew,
Garrett Sean Dart

Sex; male
SexUALITY; straight
Location;cashmere washington, for 3 more weeks

10 bands; Daft Punk, praga khan, leftfield, Lo fidelity allstars, the faint, Muse,
Underworld, Luca Turilli, Refused, Binger the Voyager
5 books; feed, The Belgariad/Malloreon, dune, Guards Guards, the wheel of time
8 movies;Highway, snatch, the cell, a mighty wind, true romance, death to smootchy,
spun, Lock stock and two smoking barrels
hobbies(I don't want to see sleeping); .... normally I sit on my computer, but when I DO
leave my house, normally I freestyle rap in my car.

bush or kerry?; I dot even know who kerry is
sXe or dope fiend?; huh isn't there a middle ground?
war in Iraq?; September 12th 2001, most Americans would have launched a nuclear
strike on Iraq if it were possible.
abortion?;i would never even suggest that a girl do this, but in some cases I can see it.
pre-marital sex?;eh.

I died my hair but i only have one picture and its not amazing
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